Lighting Philosophy


Illuminate: To supply, brighten with light, to make lucid, or clear, to make resplendent or illustrious. 

Good lighting enhances its surroundings. It can calm and relax, or energize and enliven. It evokes and affects emotion, and brings objects or people into focus. It provides safety, or mystery, depending on its placement. I help create lighting that is seamlessly integrated within its environment. When overdone, it calls attention to itself and away from the spirit of the space.

Using daylight and the night sky, along with natural shadows, allows me to create an organic, living space tailored to the personal uses of the client.


Enlighten : to give knowledge or understanding to (someone) : . b :  to give spiritual insight to (someone)

Collaboration is the key to creating a satisfying lighting plan that will not only fill practical needs, but also ignite the imagination and spirit.  My job is to help clients birth ideas, find solutions, and to use lighting as part of the architecture of space.  I am a facilitator who openly collaborates with directors, choreographers, architects, exhibit designers, and owners to provide the best products, and services within a client’s available budget. 


5% of all proceeds will be donated to a local or lighting related charity, such as:                    The International Dark Sky Association :                                    One of these D.light supported projects :                       KRVS - Public Radio in Acadiana :